Black Conservative Coalition

Black201The following were elected to lead the Black Conservative Coalition:


Orlando Owens - Chair

David King - First Vice Chair

Charles Collier - Treasurer

Bianca Williams - Secretary

Travis Clark - Member at Large


Congrats to these men and women for taking the leadership of this new organization.



The Beginnings


The first meeting of the Black Conservative Coaltion was held March 4, 2014 at Mama's Italian Eatery on 77th and Burleigh. This introductory meeting was very fruitful and introduced individuals to each other who shared their passions. It was decided that the coalition concept that features individual freedom should continue on.





We've continued to meet periodically and are coming together with a vision and some projects on the table.


Mission Statement

The Black Conservative Coalition, motivated by heroes of the past such as Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, is devoted to the use of the tenets of conservatism to energize and educate Black Americans and others to become informed citizens and to act in ways that advance conservative ideas.

Black conservatism is based on historical African-American political and cultural traditions, values and experiences that place God at the center of life. These are inclusive in the tenets of conservatism: traditional families, quality education, personal responsibility, individual freedom, and the opportunity for success in the fabric of American and global society.